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What to Expect on Your First Visit

During your initial visit your Optimal Living Doctor will conduct a comprehensive life & health history and full physical neuro-muscular assessment to determine the areas of greatest stress in your body, how well your nervous system is functioning and discover the underlying root cause of your health concerns.

During this time you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, options and how we may radically improve your quality of life. This initial visit is designed to help us learn more about you and your expectations so we may best serve you by developing a plan that meets your needs and goals.

Once this is complete your doctor will share findings with you from the health assessment and together you will come up with a plan of action and care plan complete with lifestyle modifications so you may achieve your health and optimal living goals. If warranted you will receive your first integrative chiropractic adjustment.

Our Integrative Approach

Personal Health Assessment

Our doctors will spend up to 60 minutes with you where you will authentically connect, experience a comprehensive history, full physical assessment to determine the areas of greatest stress in your body and determine the underlying root cause of your concerns.

Report of Impressions

Your doctor will share findings from the health assessment and together you will come up with a plan of action and care plan so you may achieve your health and optimal living goals.

Custom Care Plan

We’ll support you to implement your recommendations which may include physical, nutritional, neuro-muscular, emotional and lifestyle elements to support your transformation to a healthier and happier you.


Your doctor will track and share your progress periodically and make any necessary changes to your custom care plan to help you achieve your health and wellness goals with grace and efficiency.

Lifelong Optimal Living

We'll partner with you to not only transcend the sickness, symptons and disease cycle, our doctors will help you optimize your adaptability, health and well-being for years.

“Truly the best chiropractic care on the planet!”

Nicole H.

Common Questions

What is Neural Integration?
Neural Integration is a unique branch of Chiropractic, called Tonal Chiropractic, based on the scientific understanding that we are self regulating and self healing organisms and our natural homeostatic state is extraordinary health. Our Neural Integration process is about integrating the stress and interference to your nervous system so your body’s innate intelligence may do exactly what it was designed to do so you may heal from the inside-out. As your body returns to its innate design and functioning you will enhance your health and quality of life.
Can I get adjusted if I'm pregnant?
Yes, our Neural Integration adjustments are safe for expecting mothers. We have supported 100’s of pregnant woman helping them achieve their desired birth plans and deliver healthy and vibrant babies.
How much will it cost?
The initial visit is approximately 60 minutes and costs $149. This includes receiving your first adjustment session if warranted. Subsequent visits are $60. We also offer package deals and lifestyle care plans.
Why would I see a chiropractor if I'm not experience neck or back pain?
A simple fact of life is that we will all have to invest in our health at some point in our lives. We can do it on the front end and be progressive creating greater and greater levels of health or we can do it on the back end when we get a tap on the shoulder with a diagnosis of a symptom, sickness or disease (this creates a lot more stress, pain and cost). The choice is yours. The most important part of our health is maximizing the full expression of our master control system, the nervous system. When you are clear and connected through your nervous system your innate intelligence makes you more resilient towards disease, more adaptable and allows you to vastly improve your health and quality of life regardless of where you are on the health and disease spectrum. For the same reasons that one exercises, eats well and decreases the amount of stress in their lives, people choose Chiropractic to Live Optimally.
Why don't you 'crack' or 'pop' people?
There are many different techniques within the Chiropractic Profession. As Vitalistic Chiropractors we work directly with the innate self healing and regulating powers of the Nervous System. Our intent is to unleash your innate intelligence that flows from your brain to every cell in your body allowing you to heal from the inside-out. As a result, the Neural Integration Sessions work with the electrical impulses and tone within your nervous system and this does not involve a stereotypical chiropractic adjustment that may create a cracking sound.

During a Neural Integration session, the Chiropractor applies gentle pressure to specific points along the spine and other areas of the body, while the client takes deep breaths and focuses on relaxation. The pressure applied helps to release tension and allow the body's natural healing mechanisms to function more effectively. These sessions range from 15-30 minutes.